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Terms & Conditions

Term of conditions of use

The terms and expressions identified with an initial capital letter in these Conditions of Use, including the preceding preamble, are to be understood according to the meaning defined below, whether they are employed in the singular or the plural.

Conditions of Use” indicates the present terms and Conditions of Use of the Site, who define the conditions of use of the service’s sites.

Content” designates any information, data, comments or content, especially that which could be protected by copyright, design rights, brands’ rights or model’s rights, such as creative, audiovisual or multimedia works, brands and logos that the User provides to other Users on the Site or allows them to view on the Site, in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Services” designates the services proposed by A & A International on the Site and described on the following page "help".

Site” designates the Internet site accessible at the address www. A & A and/or at any other address with a different extension.

User” designates a party, which can be a human being , acting on their own or representing a third party, performing a professional activity, whether it is commercial or not, who uses the Site after having read and accepted the Conditions of Use.

2. Acceptance of Conditions of Use

Use of this Site is reserved to Users who have read and unconditionally accepted the Conditions of Use prior to use. In case of disagreement with the terms and conditions of the Conditions of Use, the User should not use the Site.

Users acknowledge having the capacity to enter into a contract. Underage Users swear that they have received consent from a parent or guardian. In cases where Users act in the name of or on behalf of their employer, they must declare that they have been delegated to do so and that they are representing their employer legally.

A & A International reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. As far as possible, will inform Users about changes made in the Terms and Conditions of Use by e-mail or via an announcement on the Site.

3. Site’s Purpose

The Site is intended for Users, and its goal is to supply information about fragrances and perfume and to provide for sharing content related to fragrance and perfumes.

In the absence of preventive measures, the Site is accessible from anywhere, as long as minimal technical conditions have been met, particularly in terms of access to the web, cell phone networks, and technical compatibility of the material used. Considering the web’s international character, Users agree to respect all rules concerning web users’ behavior applicable in the country from which they are using the site.

A & A International has the right to modify or move the Site’s contents, to temporarily or permanently interrupt the Site, partially or wholly, at any time, and without informing Users beforehand.

4. Description of Services

The Services proposed to Users are described on the following page: "help".

Within the framework of these Services, A & A International can be called upon to publish Content on the site.

5. Registering for the Service

Users will not have access to the full range of Services offered by the Site until they have created an account by accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use and providing the information required in the registration form.

When registering for the Site, Users choose a User name and a password that will allow them to access their account. Users swear that they have given complete and accurate personal data that is not misleading and that will allow them to be identified in case of legal proceedings. Any patently absurd or libelous information may lead to the User’s account being closed.

Registering for the Site and access to the Services is free. Nevertheless, A & A International does not guarantee that access to all or part of its services will continue to be free for an indefinite period of time. In the case of the introduction of paying services, A & A International will inform its Users and access to paying services will be on condition of Users’ express consent. If need be, new Terms and Conditions of Use will be proposed.

6. User’s Commitments

The User promises to use the Site and its Services in a manner that is in compliance with the stipulations of the Conditions of Use.

In particular, Users promise to respect:

- The stipulations in the Conditions of Use.

- Technical specifications specified on the Site for uploading Content. These technical specifications may be modified by A & A International depending on the evolutions of the Site and /or of technology.

Users are not authorized to interfere with the Site or the activities of A & A International via software, or to do anything that might disturb or aim to disturb the Site.

Users may not modify, add to or delete Content except in the spaces provided for this purpose. All other pages of the Site are strictly reserved for A & A International.

7. Notification Procedure

All necessary information should be displayed if the user notice illegal content on the site, want to see this content removed such as:

- Notification date.

- Full name, profession, home address, nationality, date and place of birth (for a person), or official name, company type and headquarters and the registered name of the company they are speaking on behalf of (for legal entities).

- A description of the contentious material and its precise location.

- The reasons for which the Content should be removed, including the legal and factual bases for removal.

- A copy of the request sent to the author or publisher of the contentious content to remove, modify or suspend it, or proof that the User tried in good faith but was unable to contact said author or publisher.

The contentious Content will be removed from the Site as soon as possible after A & A International has received the report. A & A International can ask the User who displayed the Content to provide elements justifying the legitimacy of the display.

Users who will fully describe Content to A & A International as illegal in order to have it removed or suspended knowing that this information is incorrect are liable to legal action.

A & A International is informed about Content constituting a justification of crimes against humanity, incitation to racial hatred or relative to child pornography A & A International will inform the competent authorities.

8.Convention of proof

The parties agree that they may exchange the information required for applying these Terms and Conditions of Use by electronic means. All electronic communication between the parties is acknowledged to have the same status as information on paper.

9.Independent Contracting Parties

No stipulation in these Terms and Conditions of Use can be construed as creating a partnership, mandate, and relationship of subordination or joint-venture between the parties.

10. Tolerances

The fact that one of the parties may choose at a given time not to react to a failure to respect one or more of the obligations described in these Terms and Conditions of Use does not mean that the party has renounced the right to enforce the obligation in question.

11. Partial nullification

In case of the nullification of a significant stipulation of these Conditions of Use, or if said stipulation is considered not to exist, completely or partially, in application of a law or rule or definitive judicial decision, the other stipulations will remain in effect and keep their full power of enforcement between the parties. The parties will then do their best to negotiate in good faith in order to come to new terms for a stipulation to replace the one nullified by the change of law or rules, while...